Bandcamp: the Place for Scott’s Music

A long-held dream of mine was to write a bunch of new songs for what I call “big people” and release them on a CD. I waited long enough that CDs are no longer popular, so I’ve posted them digitally on a site called Bandcamp. The collection of 16 songs is called “Create Without Caution” and I hope that you enjoy it.

Here’s the link to get yourself some music:

I’d like to thank Marshall Toppo, my friend and producer, for staying with me for the 2+ years it took to bring this to fruition. In addition, I want to thank the musicians who guested including John Ragusa (flute and trumpet), Gil Parris and Jeff Coplan (guitar), Mike Rubino (sax) and Charlie Burhnam (fiddle).

Special thanks go to Beth Bierko and Regina Singel for singing on many of the tracks. Their vocals give the CD a lot of shine. When you listen, you’ll probably be able to tell that we had so much fun getting together and creating the harmonies. I love these two for lots of reasons, but today I’m just really thankful for lending me their voices.

Thanks also to Jeff Raab who co-wrote “Wide Open Road” with Beth and I and sings background vocals on that track. Whenever I sit down to play and sing, I’m thrilled and fortunate to have Jeff next to me.

This project would not have been easy to accomplish without some financial assistance from Jim Campbell, Bob Hickman, Peter Krane, Bill Garrow and a few others who dropped some cash into my lap to help cover the costs of production. My heartfelt thanks go out to these people who love music, but evidently, love me even more. I’m a lucky guy.

There are three great moments in the composition/recording process. The first is when you write it. The second is when you record it. And the third is when you find out that a song means something to someone else. My hope is that some of these little songs reach the ears of someone who needs to hear them, that they bring not just joy but a sense that we are all connected.

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