These Friends

Bradley visited his hairstylist, today. He’s been a great customer at Yorktown Pet Grooming for his entire life – 14 years! I love it when he comes home, handsome and ready to play.

On a sad note, my brother put his dog, Boo, to sleep this week. She was nearly 15 and had beaten cancer twice. It was time.

When I look at Brad or get up early to walk or feed him, I don’t think, “what a pain!” Nope. It’s a privilege to care for him.

My brother’s friend said the same thing to him at the vet’s office. “It is your privilege to be with Boo, especially when it’s her time to transition.” Those are the words that he needed to hear.

As we move through life, we would be wise to be grateful for the mundane things with our loved ones. One day, we might wish for one more moment to pick them up at the groomers or come home and have them come running to greet us.

May we all treasure the time we have left with these special beings.

Bradley, Freshly Groomed


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