An American RV is not made to withstand the daily rigor of full-time travel. The manufacturers, watching their bottom line and trying to keep trailers light, make decisions that cause many of the interior and exterior parts to need repair or replacement. It’s just the way it is.

As I write this, our good friend and master carpenter, Jake, is repairing 3 things that have “failed” including a drawer, a cabinet and the supports under the bed.

The refrigerator has been too cold, lately, and the CD player has stopped working. I’m the repair guy on those things and I’m pretty certain I’ll figure them out.

As the repairs were planned and are now being executed, I feel a return of agency, a sense that we don’t have to live with broken or shoddy equipment. As important, it feels good to trust great workmen like Jake. He cares to make things right!

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