Echoes of the Past

Our home has an echo because there is no furniture, rugs, or belongings soaking up the sound. By the end of this weekend, everything we own will be in our camper, at a friend’s house or inside of a small storage container. The documents are all signed and the new owners will have this home later this week. We haven’t got rid of the memories, though. They’re coming for the ride which tentatively begins on Tuesday!

On the first day we will travel to Beth’s old stomping grounds, the suburbs of Philadelphia. We’ll stay overnight with Bill Garrow, a man I met in an accountability group, and whom both of us love dearly.

The next morning, Beth will do a couple of virtual yoga classes in his home and then we’ll travel to Virginia/DC where we hope to visit with some friends and family.


Looking at the map, I’m thinking about Raleigh, NC and then Charleston, SC before arriving in Savannah, GA on February 7th.

I’m getting very excited!


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