Saturday’s Thrift Bazaar

Our beautiful home has been transformed into a thrift bazaar. There are tables upstairs and downstairs and in the garage covered with all manner of stuff from every corner of our lives. Each item has a post-it note with its price. Beth keeps saying, “This is weird.” True.

The two of us have tried our best to not look at the expensive Thomasville couch that’s on sale for a few hundred, the Waterford crystal that’s selling for pennies on the dollar or the clothes that are going for 1/10 of their purchase price. Instead, we comfort ourselves with the hope that these items will end up in good homes, enjoyed by people who need them more than us.

I sold my studio speakers through I’ve replaced them with some smaller units that can travel. I banked close to $500 with that move. Electronics and instruments are pretty easy to sell. I’ve got some of my better instruments on consignment at a music store in Beacon, NY. In my mind, they’re already gone – even the Ovation guitar I’ve used professionally since my sophomore year of college.

Earlier this week, a young man stopped by to look at my instruments. He’s a percussionist who fell in love with my collection of hand drums. His smile in the driveway as he waved goodbye reminded me of the way I felt when I added these drums into my life. The same was true of another man who bought a piano for his daughter. He was so happy and that brought me joy, too.

When the sale is over, the American Red Cross and the Town of Yorktown will split up the rest. Some of it will go to families in need and some, unfortunately, will end up in the garbage dump. Sigh.

We do what we can and let go of the rest.


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