Last night, we enjoyed a sumptuous dinner cooked by our friends, Paul and Sandi. It was our pleasure to get out of the house (which looks like a war zone) and partake in some intelligent conversation and plenty of laughs with this wonderful couple.

Paul and Sandi are a key part of our support system for the adventure. They are always encouraging us to share and they’re quick to offer advice on anything we might need – including providing us with an evening away from home. Notably, they never push or prod. My sense is that they live to be of service. It’s they’re life mission.

Sometimes, I speak of Beth & Scott’s Adventure by it’s other name, The Kindness Tour. IMHO, our country yearns to move away from partisanship and return to loving, or at least, respecting one another. In that, Beth and I are wanting to be of service, too. We want our words and actions to be a comfort, a bridge to something more humane with the people who we meet in our travels or or serve in our businesses.

I realized this morning that I trust Paul and Sandi and, sadly, that I have learned to be wary of everyone I meet (well, except children). It feels great to be able to live, laugh and love with them and to be who I am without too much protection.

Higher Power, my prayer this morning, then, is that we all find our supporters and that we be that for others. I further pray that I can let down my guard more often when I leave New York, the birthplace of my stranger-anxiety. May I seek to trust in the inner goodness of new people instead of judging them by my first impressions.

May all of our adventures be ones where kindness and creativity and generosity and forgiveness flow.


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