I Wonder as I Wander

By week’s end, I have made some more positive moves towards completing my CD project. I sent the producer the final payment and together we are reviewing the mixes one last time. I have made it my business to sustain the energy by responding to every email and making small, important steps each day. 

Here in Weaverville, it’s very cold and there’s a couple of inches of snow on the ground. Yesterday, Beth and I decided to take a “snow day.” I borrowed John Grisham’s latest novel from the online library and she watched yoga videos and put together her new trampoline. It feels so good to be easeful.

Trampoline? Yes! Beth has now joined two of her sisters, avid jumpers who swear by the benefits of the trampoline. It’s a small piece of equipment, so it’s easy to take with us in the camper. I wonder if the trampoline will make it into Beth’s yoga classes? Maybe it will be a special workshop.

A smile is on my face because I’ve learned that we can never predict what will become popular in our businesses – and jumping up and down on a trampoline might be a huge hit. In the children’s genre, we’ve written hundreds of songs and the ones that have been loved are rarely the ones I thought would gain traction. Ask any YouTuber who has had a viral video or any pop star who has had a big hit if they knew it would score and they’ll all tell you, “Nope.”

There’s a subtle mystery here that flies in the face of my/our desire to control outcomes. Some, including me, refer to it as “God’s Plan.” Others like to leave it to randomness. In hindsight, we all tell one another (or Stephen Colbert) a story about how things moved logically from A to Z, but the truth is no one knows what the heck is going on. Witness the film “Get Back” and it’s apparent to me that things come together of their own accord just by showing up.

That’s why it feels to me like we have about 25% of the control as to how things will turn out. We get to leave, stay or pick what we’re having at the diner. But we don’t have much control over weather, traffic, feelings or the people we’ll meet. I have not a clue as to where we’ll end up, whether we’ll continue to travel or if we’ll get hit by a plane that misses the runway. I don’t know whether people will love, hate or ignore my songs. Not a clue.

In that spirit, I’m waking up with a sense of wonder on my good days. I look at the mountains outside of our window framed by the rising sun and roll over to hug Beth. Another day begins and I am a player and a member of the audience. What’s next? Where am I going next? I wonder as I wander.

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