Mount Mitchell

Melissa, Beth, Jeff and Scott on Mt. Mitchell

Did you know that the highest place east of the Mississippi River is in North Carolina? I would have guessed New Hampshire’s White Mountains, but it’s right here in this beautiful state.

Yesterday, we drove with our friends, Melissa and Jeff, from Weaverville, through the hiking town of Burnsville and another 30 miles along the stunning Blue Ridge Parkway to the access road that led us up the mountain.

At the end of the road, we hiked a 3/4 mile trail in 32-degree weather to reach the summit. It was windy, a bit icy and cold, but so worth the trip. In all directions, there are mountains as far as the eye can see. I found it invigorating and humbling all at once.

Along the path, Jeff shared something that I’ve anecdotally recognized in myself – being outside in nature is psychologically beneficial. Every time we spend a day outdoors, the next day is usually better. Have you noticed that, too? Well, it’s been studied by scientists, so it’s official!

Today, we’re packing and cleaning because we’re heading to Tennessee tomorrow. We’ve enjoyed our weeks in Weaverville, but I am so looking forward to getting on the road, again.

Tonight, we’re meeting with my old college friends, Gary and Nina, at the White Horse in Black Mountain for an Open Mic Night. Beth has two yoga classes in the a.m. and then we’re off!

Of course, it will be an adjustment to move from a three-bedroom home to our tiny camper, but I actually like the smaller amount of space. It’s not confining, IMHO, it’s warm and snuggly! We have so much less to keep track of, clean and we stay in constant communication. Also, we spend more time outdoors.

And scientists say that’s good for everyone, right?

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