Back to the Nature – Post 103

I’m so happy to be back in eastern Tennessee! We left Nashville this morning and drove about three hours to a new campground (for us) called “Yarberry Campgrounds.” Boy oh boy is it beautiful here! Check out the link below to have a quick look.

Some folks love cities and the excitement therein, but I must be a country boy at heart! Back when I was a kid, we lived in the suburbs, but behind our home was a large field that seemed to go on as far as my little boy’s eyes could see. I used to sit at the kitchen table and stare outside. Other times, we would take the dog and go to the end of the field where there was a small pond filled with bullfrogs.

Later in life, Beth and I lived alongside the Hudson River directly across from the Palisades. Now, that was a view! Every morning and night was a different show. Our daughters loved it, too.

If you forced me to pick one place today where I’d like to spend the rest of my days, I’d surely pick the mountains. I love the seashore, but the woods are where I’ve always gone for solace.

How about you?

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