Country Cookin’ and the Smokey Mountain Trek

Yesterday, we booked our next two Tennessee stops, post-Nashville. This begins our trek eastward prior to our eventual return to the northeast in mid-May.

With a little help from my friend, Bob, we opted to stay in the countryside so that we could enjoy the best eastern Tennessee has to offer. Both of these are near water and mountains – our two favorite locations, so far!

First, we’ll spend six nights at Yarberry Campgrounds on Fort Louden Lake. You can see it here:

After that, we’ll spend eight nights at Pigeon River Campgrounds. This will bring us back to the Smokey Mountains.  Here’s a look at that place:

Smoky Mountain RV Campsites

We’ve still got another week in the Nashville area, so I hope to broaden my perspective on what the city has to offer. In the meantime, here’s a bit of what I wrote on FB about this city:

Nashville is more exciting inside than out. There’s no startling flora or fauna, no mountains, oceans or anything naturally beautiful (if there are – please lmk, folks). The neighborhoods are kind of drab (to me) and a lot of the city is overbuilt for tourists. Inside, though, music is being made in apartments, homes, studios and loads of clubs. And from what I’ve been told, it ain’t just country music. Lastly, Nashville is a hub. People live here, raise families here and tour elsewhere. That’s my dime-store analysis!

Tonight, we’re going to enjoy a real Southern dinner at Monell’s with our friends, Jeff and Emily and his daughter, Sam. And on Monday, we’re slated to attend a western swing concert by The Time Jumpers. My hope is that these events will put me into the column of “Nashville – Wow!” but who knows.

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