Old Friends Again

Beth & Scott’s Adventure has landed outside of Nashville in a town called Goodlettsville. We’ve reserved a spot here at a huge RV park called The Grand ‘Ol RV Resort. There are at least 150 RVs of every shape and size from all over the country – plenty of full-timers, a few families, and a lot of couples like us trying out the lifestyle.

The Grand ‘Ol RV Resort’s motto is “Come as strangers – leave as friends.” They have musical entertainment every night on the lawn or inside if the weather calls for it. We’ve been here two nights and the quality of the entertainment is good. There’s a whole lot of musicians in Nashville and most of ’em can sing and play.

One of the reasons we’re staying in the area for two weeks is that we have some old friends here. Jeff lives in East Nashville. We went to visit him yesterday, to meet his girlfriend, Emily,  and their new puppy, Miley. Like us, Jeff loves to laugh, and to make music and he shares our devotion for personal growth. He’s also a connoisseur of fine foods, including the famous 100 layer donuts he bought for us at the Five Daughters Bakery.

Back in 1994, Jeff produced our first demos when we started in the children’s music business. Like most children’s artists we know, Beth & Scott were fortunate to find someone who had the technical and multi-instrumental skills necessary to produce our music. Jeff is also a really smart guy, so he “got” what we were going for with kids.

While working with Jeff, he introduced us to other musicians like Tony, a talented drummer, writer and actor who became friends with us, too. I look forward to giving him a post-Covid hug, soon!

Jeff and Tony have always been big supporters of ours. When we have felt like our industry or our talents weren’t enough, they confirmed our worth. As important, we have frequently turned to one another during times of personal turmoil. My hope is that this visit of ours is well-timed so that we can all receive from one another the support we need. Frankly, that’s more important to me than just about anything we might see or hear while in the Music City.

As I close out today, I wanted to address a question one of our readers posted. She asked, “Is this therapy for you?” I’ll answer that with a resounding YES.

I’m using this space to reflect on a physical journey across the country, for sure,  but it’s also a mental and spiritual one. I’m introducing you to ME because writing from an honest, vulnerable place is interesting as well as cathartic for me. Also, I’ve heard from a number of you that what we’re doing (the physical part) as well as what we’re feeling holds currency for you. I guess you could call it Group Therapy.

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