Meeting our Stuff Again

Today is moving day! This afternoon we’re picking up a trailer and heading down to Yorktown Heights to empty out 1/2 of our storage facility. Whoopee!

Yesterday, we visited with some friends, Joe and Lisa, in High Falls, NY. It was a beautiful ride along the reservoirs here in the Catskills. We enjoyed a vegetarian dinner made by Lisa, Beth and me and Joe entertained us with some new comedic material. Before that, we all listened to a Buddhist talk about meditation which gave me lots of food for thought (it’s always about food for me.)

During this morning’s sit, I used some of the information provided by the Zen teacher and was able to move differently through the meditation. I’m very grateful for the lesson.

So far, the balance of gold and shadow, light and dark is still balanced. I found myself slipping into anxiety about today’s move and tomorrow’s concert – falling into the trap of thinking of my life as a series of “to-do’s” – but I was able to pull myself out of that hole. That’s a great sign.

I wish you all a day of the same!

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