Fresh Grass: Arrival

Today, we hitched up the camper and drove to North Adams, Massachusetts. Arriving at our campsite, we were greeted by friends, Mark and Mary, who we met on our Cape Cod trip in August. They are veteran campers and they invited us to enjoy a weekend of bluegrass music with them. Tomorrow begins the three-day festival called, Fresh Grass.

Historic Family Campground (North Adams, MA0

The lineup is great including lots of top bluegrass artists, like The Del McCoury Band and Old Crow Medicine Show. You can see more of the weekend’s performers by clicking here.

The Del McCoury Band

As I type this, Beth is completing her second yoga class of the evening, this one in our camper. It’s a chilly evening and there was a rain shower an hour ago.

Beth Teaches in the Camper

Bradley is with us, of course. He’s enjoying the campground, but I think he must have eaten something funky. He’s got a sick stomach and I suspect it’s from the remnants of someone’s BBQ meal.

My first impression being back in the camper is “Boy, I really missed this!” Let’s see how the rest of the trip goes.

“Uh Oh… Bradley is puking in the camper while Beth is teaching!! Blech!”

Lesson learned: don’t let your dog poke around an old campfire without watching him very closely. Now, there are rugs to clean and a dog to watch over who will definitely try and return to the scene of the crime.

Such is life. One minute everything is going fine and the next minute you’re cleaning up a mess. It’s an adventure, right?

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