Shining the Love

“We bring light where there is no light by shining the love in the universe onto those wounded parts that still hide inside us. They want to come out to tell their stories and heal.” ACA Meditation of the Day, Sept. 17

For the past week, I’ve woken up consistently at 5:30 am. My body was telling me something and I knew what it was: come back to your morning practice. The morning routine that has worked for me for thirty years is yoga, meditation, prayer, and journaling. Whenever I start my morning this way, the rest of the day goes better. The practice centers me and gives me what I need to deal with anything that comes up. And stuff always comes up, right?

So, this morning when I opened my eyes at 5:27 am, I gently rolled over, put on some gym shorts and a t-shirt, went downstairs, and set up the mat. This, my friends, is how I greet the day and come back to the light. I have been “shining the love in the universe onto those wounded parts that still hide inside” me for a long period. Now, it’s time to climb out of my mining tunnel and come above ground for a while!

Last night, I listened to an artist named “Stick Figure,” suggested to me by our good friend, Bob. You may remember Bob as part of the couple Linda & Bob who we stayed with and danced with on the beach in Cape Cod, MA. Bob is a huge Cali-Reggae fan and Stick Figure is an independent artist whose new album, “Wisdom,” is one you want to check out. It’s full of loving messages!

Check out a Stick Figure song, “Paradise,” here.

Reggae music makes me smile and want to move. It reminds me that I love to dance. Did I ever tell you that dancing in our living room four nights per week was once a practice I enjoyed? Well, it was and that’s another way to return to the light. Typically, I’d dance to three songs and oftentimes Beth would join me. I highly recommend it even if you don’t think you’re a good dancer.

Bill Withers

My favorite song to dance to is Bill Wither’s Use Me.

When I came to bed and listened to Stick Figure’s, Wisdom, I had a thought: what if I (or we) were to write some songs based upon our Adventure? That sent a jolt of excitement through my body. We had so many interesting experiences and feelings during our month-long trip to Montana and our Southern trip. There’s definitely a CDs worth of songs there. So, I made a list and Beth helped, too. I’ll share that with you after I go over it one more time!

Before I close, I want to send some love and honor to my friend, Joe. He’s been busy putting together the 42 Annual John Lennon Tribute for months, spending his days and nights with his buddy, Steve Lurie, booking the artists and dealing with the hundreds of details necessary to honor John Lennon once again.

Joe Raiola

Joe is a comedian (and former editor of MAD magazine) and he blessed me last night with a rehearsal of this opening monologue for the Tribute. It’s absolutely great and I know that the evening and Joe will shine, despite the myriad of big and little things that will come up between now and October 8th. I look forward to the event.

Thank you, Joe and John, for inspiring me to shine my love in the universe onto those wounded parts so that we can all heal. There’s no other way.

Check out some videos of past musical performances at the Tribute here

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