Where All Trails Lead

Bradley has a new growth on his neck which we assume is another tumor. Given the aggressive nature of his cancer, this shouldn’t be a big surprise. However, it’s grown in size from a small stone to a baseball in 10 days. 

We stopped in at the local veterinary clinic and scheduled a regular appointment for mid-October, but we also confirmed that they would see us in an emergency situation. From the morbid to the mundane, the vet’s brother bottles maple syrup, so we bought a 64 oz container on the way out. 

From there, we went to Callicoon, NY to see the fitness center at Villa Roma, one of the few remaining resorts in this part of the mountains. It wasn’t any great shakes, but it’s 15 minutes away and only $25 per month. So, I’m looking forward to getting back in shape!

After that, we took Bradley on a walk in the woods just outside Jeffersonville and snapped some photos, too. it’s was great to be out in nature after 4 days of continuous rain. Brad was happy, jumping over tree limbs and wading in streams. You wouldn’t know he was dying based upon his attitude.

Following a late lunch at Sal’s Pizza (good find!) we talked on the phone with our friend, Bob, outside of the local grocery store – Peck’s Market. Bob and Linda hosted us in Cape Cod and our bond is pretty tight. After my last couple of posts, he wanted to check in with me. He’s a good man and the two of them know how to throw axes!

As I write this, Beth is finishing up a chair yoga class outside. Despite her tears over Brad, she remains loyal to her students and her practice. I’m a lucky man and so are those clients!

More tomorrow.

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