The Island

Today, we are waking up on Long Island. We spent the night with friends, Bix and Holly, and we’re scheduled for a kindergarten concert at a local school in a couple of hours.

Long Island is the place where we and other artists developed an arts-in-education business. Beginning in 1993, when we started with libraries, to the present when we do songwriting workshops and assemblies, this area has been extremely supportive of Beth & Scott. I am thankful for the artists and administrators who are responsible for connecting the arts to kids, parents and schools. To my knowledge, there is no area of the country where a symbiotic relationship exists to this degree.

The Island was also a retreat for our family. For many years, my mom and stepdad owned a home on what’s called “the north fork,” in a town called Southold. We spent many weekends there with our young family, with my new sisters, Leah and Jess, and I remember lots of laughter with my parent’s friends.

In fact, as I sit here and recall the easeful days in that country home: boating on the Long Island Sound, buying pies or fruit at the farm stands, eating at the small local restaurants or attending church on Sundays, I realize where I developed my affection for small town life. It began there in that idyllic Long Island town where people waved, chatted, sunned and spent time doing very little else.

The Island was also the place where we camped in a tent for a dozen or so years in a seaside place called Montauk. That’s where we met Bix and Holly and their family of girls (just like us).

Samantha Brink and her son, Cason

To this day, we all remain friends, celebrating important occasions and holidays, but mostly just hanging out like we did on the sands of Montauk.

Beth and Holly – two great friends!

So, Long Island was also the place where we developed our ability to travel and live simply among friends.

So, today I tip my hat to the Island, a place that has brought me business, friendship and an understanding of what brings me joy.

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