Friends With You

Friends With You Video

When we visit a school, there’s usually a song or a moment that sticks with me when the residency is finished. Sometimes, it’s a student (or a teacher) who had an “A-Ha” moment when they offer a lyrical line, a melodic phrase or some sort of hook that makes the song sing. It’s always pleasant when the Muses drop-in and offer some sort of unexpected and glorious gift to us while we’re busy crafting the song.

Other times, the positive experience of being in the school bubbles up and a song speaks to that energy. Such was the case with “Friends With You,” a ballad written with Miss Lettsome’s 2nd-grade students.

We’ve worked with Karen Lettsome many times over the past 20 years and some memorable songs have come out of our collaboration (Animals of Kenya, Reduce Our Use). This year was no different! Karen asked us to write about one of our favorite themes, differences and similarities, an idea that speaks to our times and to the truth that we’ve encountered in our travels: wherever you go, people are pretty much the same!

We hope that you enjoy it.

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