Rolling the Dice

It’s 8:15pm and I am sitting in our RV, enjoying the energy that’s in this 22’ home on wheels.

Beth is facilitating her Reiki Circle (Tuesday Nights, if you’re interested), so I came here to enjoy a call with a fellow traveler (ACA speak for another member). I think I’ll come back. The heater works fine and, as I said, the spiritual energy feels mighty fine, too!

We’re still looking at plans for our next camping trip and mid-August through October remains our target dates. The Southwest will be our goal and then I think we’ll mosey back east and work our way up north. I’m excited just thinking about the trip, the friends we’ll see and the glorious weather that we’ll enjoy (fingers crossed).

I gotta say it – staying in a home, even a nice one, isn’t half as good as being on the road in an RV. Some folks like tents or big, Class A motorhomes, but I prefer the middle of the road- an economically-sized, turtle shell like the one I’m sitting in tonight. It just feels…right.

Now, it’s true that our home of 17 years was darn comfortable, but the freedom I feel traveling in this guy is far superior to the comfort I enjoyed in our Yorktown home. What I’ve discovered is that comfort isn’t always the best choice for me. In fact, the nicer the digs the more I want out!

My mom used to call this kind of comfort “Golden Handcuffs.” Whether it’s a place, a job, a relationship or cell phone – there’s a lot of ways we can allow ourselves to get trapped or, at least, attached to our comfort.

This is highly personal, of course. I know plenty of people who will question our choices just as we have done with Steph’s choices, for example. Our youngest daughter can live out of a backpack, sleep under a bush and go a week w/o a shower. Her version of freedom makes our camper look like a Hilton. But it works for her. This is her version of freedom.

Last year at this time, we traded our home for a camper because it was fiscally responsible to sell. The market was high and prospects for our businesses were not keeping up with the costs of maintaining a home in Westchester. We could have tried to hang in there, gotten an apartment in a different area or changed careers, but those options all felt like different types of handcuffs to us. We wanted to try a new kind of freedom, though we did not have the words to express it back then.

Yup. Sometimes, you gotta roll the dice. And there’s something to be said for trying out alternative lifestyles to find your mix of comfort and freedom. I didn’t know I would like the vagabond way of life AND there are/were moments when it’s uncomfortable, scary or dicey. But it works for me.

This is the essence of healthy self-exploration, the willingness to encounter one’s limits and then dial it back to the right balance. And it’s not just about travel or a home. In all things, I think we are ALIVE when we are curious and willing to venture into the unknown. May it be so for you.

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