Be Who You Are

I was once asked, “is your blog a form of therapy?” Today, another person wrote me saying, “I wish it were (a) less frequent and (b) more about what’s going on in your world and the wide world, and less about you.”

I also received this comment, today…

“Your thoughts actually bring up for me the struggles I have had as I too get older….knowing/figuring out “how much is my part to do” and how much is acceptance and surrender. It helps to hear you and your reflections and struggles as you look at being this age and moving through this phase of life…..that elusive shifting line between action and acceptance… UGH Sending love to both you and Beth!”

Happily, most of the comments I receive are more like this last one. While I don’t want to silence those who don’t understand my blog or want to change it (or me), please know that I have no intention of changing my style or the purpose of this blog. This is a memoir, a daily and truthful description of my inner and outer landscapes. In the tradition of many memoirs, I leave it to the reader to determine if it’s relevant to them.

(By the way, people don’t always agree with what I’ve written about in my blog. I have a couple of guys who regularly dispute an occasional thought or statement. That’s totally cool! They are my teachers and they ALWAYS correspond with me using civility.)

I might be able to get more readers or even please new subscribers who have different preferences. But my purpose is to cater to me, not others. I am a champion of self-discovery, not a commentator on world events – even if I bring them up on occasion (see below).

The best way to read my blog is to reflect less on the details of time and place and more on the journey of the heart. There are lots of travelogues out there for those who want something else, but in this space I AM doing something therapeutic. It is, without apology, an attempt to get me and anyone who cares to read it, feeling more and thinking a little less And in my opinion? That’s what the world needs more of.

As a new student of yoga, I am relearning how to move, understand, feel and process information. As a traveler, and a businessman, I am constantly doing the same. And while doing all of that – I’m creating ways to share what I learn and to be of service. This is not just my life, it is also my political work. I am and want to be a heart-based leader who does so by example. I am not a creator or follower of trends, nor am I obsessed by the number people who follow me. One great friend is worth more than one million followers.

So, here’s a little about the world, if you want me to stand on a soapbox for a moment…

Beth and I heard V (formerly Eve Ensler) on the radio the other day. Like me and many others, she believes that we are in an existential crisis in our world. Things are very much out of whack and big change is required. And how will that happen? One action, one sharing, and one heart-based step at a time. That’s why she changed her name. It reflects who she is. It’s a personal manifesto.

My blog is a single ripple in a pond, a voice crying out in pain and longing for love. My small hope (that I cannot control) is that I will be heard or read by people who will like it, but my greatest hope is to take the next right step to be Scott.

Be who you are. All the other roles are taken.


  1. Bob (with 1 "o")

    Scott, you don’t need to change a damn thing about your blog. It’s perfect just the way it is, because it reflects your honest thoughts and feelings as you do your best to navigate your way through life. I find it informing and enlightening and I enjoy knowing how you are doing, in your heart, mind, body and soul. Keep up the good work, at your own pace and in your own space. And great decision to stay off Facebook! Hope your reflux gets better soon (coming from someone who has battled it for decades). Continued good luck with your yoga teacher training. Lots of love to you & Beth, B.

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