We’ve been in Katonah, NY for a few days getting used to our new (old) surroundings in Westchester County. We’re staying with good friends, Paul and Sandi, who are preparing to leave for Europe as we acclimate ourselves to the faster rhythms of life in this part of the state. So far, it’s been pretty easeful for us because we had yoga classes to deliver and a musical Hootenanny to co-host, both of which took place in Katonah. Paul and Sandi are gearing up to leave doing the multitude of things necessary to depart for a month, so I’m sending a prayer out for them to be happy, peaceful and healthy!

As far as yoga goes, Beth had a chance to experiment with two different locations for her classes, one indoors and one outdoors. Paul and Sandi have a good, strong wi-fi connection so everything worked out well for Beth and her students in both locations. That’s a relief because technical glitches can be a source of stress that don’t match well with the gentler side of yoga facilitation. I’m happy for Beth, in that regard. Here’s a photo of my talented yogini wife from the time we were at Ellen’s home in Irvington, NY.

The Hootenanny attracted about 25 people all of whom seemed to really like singing and socializing. One of the attendees, Ken, always makes a habit of telling me, “You have no idea, Scott, how wonderful this is. I really, really love it.” As a player, I always think I have the best seat in the house. I can look out across a sea of faces and watch the reactions to music which are typically full of joy. I am blessed.

In the past, I’ve taken a bit too much logistical responsibility for the flow of Hoots on my shoulders, so I have been working on spreading the leadership among the three or four other song leaders who typically show up. This weekend it felt as if the group jumped a level in terms of shared leadership. I recognized when my style or intuition was needed and pursued that vision, but I felt as if the other leaders did the same. As Anonymous once said, “A rising tide lifts all boats.” As I think I’ve written about before, one of my wishes in life is to control less and collaborate more. Fortunately, life always provides the opportunity to practice this evolution.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of driving Beth to a rehearsal with her Threshold Choir in Yonkers., This is a singing group that she’s been a part of for years. It was magnificent to hear the rich harmonies and the positive lyrics that are the hallmark of these caring women who sing at the bedsides of the sick and dying. While I’m on the subject, please know that there are Threshold Choirs throughout the USA and even internationally. If you have a friend or loved one who might enjoy their services, all you have to do is ask and a group of 3-4 women will come to a hospice, home or hospital to soothe the family with beautiful singing energy. Check this video out to learn more:

I’d like to finish today’s post by acknowledging the power of prayer. This morning, I awoke from a beautiful night’s sleep. Apparently, there was a terrific storm and I slept through it, so I’m feeling very rested – a nice change for me. (I’m trying to limit the amount of caffeine I consume and, at the same time, reduce my dependence on Benadryl to sleep.) Anyway, lying in bed I opened myself up to a conversation with my Higher Power and it was exactly what I needed. Again, I see the benefits of collaboration, humility, and gentleness. Often, I need to be quiet to hear the love that is all around and inside of me and today I did just that. Acclimating to a new location, a new season and transitioning from the busyness of the school year to the summer is a lot for me. My central nervous system needs time and quiet to do so. So, I’m glad I took it and happy that God was there to greet me with open arms.

May your Adventures be full of positive, gentle, and healthy energy today!

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