New Plans, Old Friends

Yesterday, we started prepping the camper and cleaning up Paul and Sandi’s house where we’ve been staying for the month. Friday morning at 7:00 am is our planned departure so that we can reach LBI in time for Beth’s 12:00 noon yoga class. We’ve got two gigs (one summer camp, one outdoor concert) and a handful of yoga classes. Then we’re off!

We were supposed to host our youngest daughter, Steph, for a couple of days this weekend, but Beth came down with a head cold. Since Steph’s visit would have also included a visit to my parents, we decided to play it conservatively and postpone seeing her until September. We don’t want to get my parents sick and it just felt right to keep it simple and tend to our transition plans. Fortunately, we had a nice long video chat with Steph and learned all about her experiences at Quail Hill Farm in Amagansett, NY. She seems very happy with everything there from farming to friendships. That makes me smile.

Quail HIll Farm in Amagansett, NY

We’ve adjusted our itinerary for the month (yet, again) and broken it up into two sections. From August 4th – 15th we’ll be LBI, NJ, and then Bryn Mawr, PA. After that, we return to Katonah, NY for two nights and another summer gig (and some time with Paul and Sandi to learn about their trips to Iceland and Norway). From August 18th – 23rd we’ll be in the Berkshires (Lanesborough, MA) and then from August 24th-28th we’ll be in Cape Cod with our friends, Bob and Linda (pictured below). After that, it’s a quick stopover in Connecticut and back to Sullivan County, NY where we will reside for the coming year.

We changed things around because 1) we want to help Bob and Linda pack up their house and get ready for their move to Missouri; and 2) we opted to stay further south, put fewer driving miles on the truck and try out the Berkshires for the first time. We’ve already been to the areas in New Hampshire and Vermont, so it felt like the better play to stay closer this month. We were also planning on seeing my sister’s family in Vermont and they had some damage due to the flooding and cannot have guests. So, Mother Nature and our desire to help friends, and save a bit of time and money necessitated some alterations.

One other quick note: We so loved hanging out with our friends, Dave and Ann S. and Jamie S. while here in Westchester.

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