Beth and I are in Katonah, New York for another ten days. After that, we head down to Long Beach Island, NJ (LBI) for a week of work and play where we’ll also have a lot of free time to enjoy the (hopefully) good weather on the Jersey shore. Then, we’re back in Bryn Mawr, PA for a week with our friend, Bill, who hosted us this past weekend when we were in the area for some time with Beth’s family.

While in Pennsylvania, we were fortunate to attend an outdoor concert featuring David Wilcox, one of our favorite singer-songwriters. A college friend, Fran, turned me on to Wilcox’s music back in the mid-eighties and I highly recommend checking out one of his live shows if he tours near you. In addition to being a top-notch guitarist, singer and writer, David is perhaps the most easeful raconteur in the business. And he’s also very funny! But there’s so much more underneath this smooth exterior. His onstage intros like his songs allow us to see who he is, and how he’s struggled and, ultimately, thrived over time as an ever-evolving human.

I suppose he’s a kind of mirror for me. I like to think that my music and blog posts are the stories of how I am meeting the challenges and, thankfully, recognizing the Grace that comes from my well-lived time on this planet. Like Wilcox, I use writing as a form of therapy and I’m happy to share it, too.

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been rehearsing the songs from my CD, “Create Without Caution,” as a way to restimulate my passion for creating. My writing self has been playing possum with me. Or, more likely, it’s been buried under an avalanche of what I’m experiencing during this era of my life. I haven’t re-emerged as an artist (yet) but I’m slowly but surely getting back to that place where I can write by singing and playing almost every day. It’s not writer’s block, per se, that I’m experiencing as much as it is a disconnection from the passion necessary to create. My hope is that it’s temporary and that I can coax my inner creator out of hiding soon.

Seeing David Wilcox, again, was a boost. Writing about it here helps, too. And I think getting back on the road to continue the Adventure might light a fire. Stay tuned and thanks for reading.

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