LBI Camp

Before I ramble on…May the recently deceased musician, Robbie Robertson, a gifted singer-songwriter, rest in peace. Thank you, RR, for a life spent making music, inspiring so many to feel, to sing and to play your songs. Your catalogue includes The Weight snd The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down, both wonderful examples of easeful, timeless craftsmanship. Yours was a life well-lived.

Beth and I are in Bryn Mawr, PA having finished a week in Long Beach Island as musical camp counselors for eight 5-6 year olds . Our time there went from anxiety to happiness over the course of five beautiful days. The children, parents and administrators were unified in their praise for us and we plan on returning next summer.

As an experiment, we brought together play, nature walks, art, literature and music. Nature walks were the big change, second only to allowing the children to have a strong voice in determining “what’s next?” throughout each day. If they wanted play on the swings or climb a jungle gym, we played. If they wanted to collect insects, make art out of pine cones or look for crabs, we did that. For our part, we led songs, drum circles and made a book about the wetlands come alive with music – but always moving into or out of an activity based upon a group consciousness. That was powerful and vulnerable facilitation!

LBIF is 22 acres of mostly wetlands bordering the bay
Every day include a nature walk to the marsh
The Osprey nest where “Jack and Wendy” have returned for 14 years
Maya called her insect friend, “Rolly Pollies”
Jane’s daily pine cone creation begins with a found crab claw
Reading time with Beth, Kelly and Haley and her little sister

More tomorrow. It’s lunch time!

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