Rest, Please!

We are in Lanesborough, MA at the foot of Mt. Greylock in the Berkshires. It’s 60 degrees, windy with more cloud than sun. Accordingly, we are going to see Barbie after Beth’s yoga classes.

There’s a deluxe movie theatre in Pittsfield, a town we want to see, so we’ll likely enjoy some lunch and explore the area, too. Whatever we do, our intention is to make it a light vacation day.

Truth is, we’re tired. The summer thus far feels like it has been more work than play, so we’re ready to throttle back a bit and chill.

Originally, we were planning on being in the southwest August-October. Then, we changed the plan to go to Vermont and New Hampshire and cut the away time to August so we could continue the momentum of developing work in Sullivan County. More recently, we revised the plan again to a Massachusetts trip featuring the Berkshires and Cape Cod so that we could save time, money and visit with Bob and Linda for their last week on the Cape. They are moving to St. Louis.

All of the changes were made for solid, logical reasons. But I missed something that’s now becoming clear to me.

My Inner Child wants to play. He has been very patiently enduring months of responsibilities put into place by my adult, responsible self. This little guy, like most of our inner child selves, has endured years of tumult in our political system, threats to the environment, a pandemic and an uncertain economy. It’s high time we gave ourselves a break.

And so we will enjoy a movie, a couple of weeks of R & R and maybe a few cookies.

Scott’s Inner Child Loves Cookies

Somehow, I lost track of the wandering, freedom loving spirit I discovered while traveling for 7 months in our RV. Slowly, I went back to being a householder, businessman and forgot about what I learned in our camper. That has to change, now.

My life purpose is no longer limited to being successful in business or a good father, son and friend. All of those are cool and will likely remain in the mix, but I’ve forgotten the benefits of accessing my playful, artistic side. That’s the reason I left corporate work, a house in Westchester County and all of those to do’s and bills behind. I wanted to fly and I did.

So, let’s see if I can remember how to do it. Stay tuned. The Adventure begins anew!

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