Beautiful New York

On Sunday, we took a ride to Olivebridge, NY to drop off our RV for some repairs. On the way home, we considered stopping in Woodstock or New Paltz for a little exploration. We had a potluck dinner scheduled for later that evening (see yesterday’s post), so we picked the city on our way home – New Paltz, NY.

As we rounded the corner and came into the main area, it was quickly apparent that this was a fun place. In addition to restaurants offering a variety of ethnic cuisines, there was a plethora of crystal and jewelry stores, hippy-dippy boutiques and, of course, coffee shops. We chose a shop called Gunks Gaming Guild and Cafe for its offbeat name and the inviting smell of some good brew.

Gunks reminded me of one of our favorite places in Westchester, The Peekskill Coffee House, where we used to play with our band a few years ago. It is a very casual spot with a mishmash of unmatched tables, chairs and couches – a style with no style and totally comfortable when you care more about relaxing than being chic!

After our coffee (and a cookie), we strolled through town, picked up a gift for a friend and got back into the truck. On the way back to Sullivan, we were greeted by stupendous views on the Shawangunk Mountains Scenic Byway. To say it’s jaw-dropping is an understatement. Our friends, Joe and Lisa, live near these mountains and I can see why they chose to live here.

I’m glad we got to sample a bit of New Paltz and the mountains. We’ll definitely be back!

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