Good problems

My therapist, Baila, is a wonderful part of our support team. Like all of the other healers we have consulted with over the years, she delivers consistently so that we can, too.

Baila has helped us improve communication in our marriage, navigate issues with parents, children, and siblings, and solve business problems, too. Now, I’ve asked her to help us with our current “good” problem: would we prefer to be full-time householders or RVers?

To begin, Baila gave me an assignment (which Beth has agreed to do, as well) that will likely bring clarity to our complicated decision. She asked me to make 4 lists:

1. Reasons to RV full-time

2. Reasons not to RV full-time

3. Reasons to be a householder

4. Reasons not to be a householder

Beth and I have done this before. It helps when we get stuck in prevarication mode, when our heads feel like a maze.

It’s not as simple as “Do What You Love” even though that heart-centered approach is going to be a significant factor. Of course, we’d love to upgrade to a better RV and ride off into the sunset. We’d be thrilled to chart a course that takes us (and my readers) towards new adventures. As someone said to the author, Ann Patchett, “my plan is to go from the mobile home to the rest home.” Sounds good to me.

There are other factors. As many of you know, our arts in education business is here in New York and so are my parents. We have lots of friends throughout the country, but so many of them are here in the northeast.

Is it possible to consider a combination of our two, seemingly binary choices? Yes. Is any decision irreversible? Nope.

There’s a lot to think and pray about, but a part of me looks forward to the challenge and the wisdom that will, eventually, flow our way. I need to be patient while all the pieces come together. That’s the tough part!

You can read about Ann Patchett’s hilarious and poignant RV adventure, by clicking here and come back to this blog to learn about our progress. Wish us luck!

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