Good Talk

Last night, we had dinner with friends, Regina and Chris. We met at The Pickled Owl, a bar-restaurant in Hurleyville, NY.

Hurleyville is a quaint place typical of the small Catskill towns that have a few nice restaurants and other businesses like the Hurleyville General Store and Morgan Outdoors. Both are two women-owned businesses driving the resurgence of this lively and lovely town.

Denise, co-owner of the Hurleyville General Store

As I write this, Regina and Chris are preparing to perform some music at the general store. We have an ACA meeting, so we’ll miss the music (waaah!). That’s one of the reasons we scheduled a dinner with these two beautiful souls.

During our meal we had a super interesting discussion about the effects of social media on adults. As we all know, there have been many articles warning us on the ill effects of social media on children and teens, but not so much on how it can also be hurtful to the rest of us.

We all agreed that Facebook and other platforms have some positive attributes. For example, it was great to have it during the pandemic when we were isolated and in need of connectivity. Beth’s yoga business was a lifeline for many and this was repeated throughout the world when it was vital.

Now, though, we are in “the new normal” and I think it’s important for us all to ask ourselves, “is this virtual connectivity helping or hurting me and society?” My sense is that it depends upon why we use it and, certainly, how much we turn to it in lieu of meeting people in person. We also have to ask, “am I not doing something else (exercise, hobby, being in nature) that might be more beneficial to me?”

Another factor is the preponderance of folks “looking for love in all the wrong places” It’s natural for us humans to long for some healthy acknowledgment in life, but many on social media seem needy to the extreme. This is an easy trap to fall into and I’ve been there! At times, I cared a lot about comments or likes on FB, so I visited it dozens of times per day. Eventually, I recognized it as another manifestation of my addictive personality and let it go last December. Some can be moderate in their use of social media; some are better off without it.

I’m also really glad to be away from the political fights and the advertising. Both were negative influences on my psyche and my wallet!

This is complicated stuff, but it’s good to discuss it. Let me know what you think – and May we all get together with friends in person, soon!

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