Flying High

A couple of weeks ago, we were on our way to visit Steph in Amagansett, NY while simultaneously talking to Sandi and Paul about taking a trip to Phoenix and Sedona, AZ. We booked it for January.


Since then, we’ve been researching the benefits of Beth getting needed dental work done in Costa Rica next month. Two of our friends, Paul and Jim, have done it and ended up spending less while enjoying a great trip and excellent dental care. We’re considering doing it over Thanksgiving.

Costa Rica

Beth is turning 60 in December. Originally, we were thinking about a trip to Hawaii, but we’ve got our eyes on a trip to Greece, instead. The plan is to explore myths in Athens for a couple of days and then enjoy an 8 day retreat on an organic farm by the mountains and the sea . We’re going to make a decision on this trip in the next day or two.


As we consider these exciting trips, we naturally wonder about our sanity. Are we out of our minds acting like rich jet setters? What right do we have to be so free with our time and money?

There’s often a struggle between the rational, sober mind and the hedonistic heart in these situations. Last Spring, the rational mind won out when we decided to cancel our August-October RV trip to the Southwest. In that case, we perseverated for six months and ultimately chose to take a shorter, northeast trip, instead. While this wasn’t a bad decision, we still wonder if we played it too safe.

Past is past. We cannot remake that decision, but we can learn from it. Beth and I are committed to our work here in Sullivan, but that doesn’t mean we can’t head out when the work slows down. Fortunately, all of the above trips fall during times when we can be away from New York and not lose out on any gigs.

As important, we feel the desire to travel, putting the time we have left on this earth to good use NOW. Both of us recognize that age can cause one to contract, to stop expanding and experiencing the beauty that life has to offer. In other words, we are committed to the Adventure.

As I write this, it makes me glad to think that I’ll have more to write about. I will surely experience new things, meet interesting people and want to share it with you. That makes me happy. As a result, I’m already flying.

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