There is no rhyme or reason in this world that I understand. Today, we learned that one of our friends lost her son to an unexpected blood clot in his heart. Dead as of 9:45 in the morning.

Beth and I are horrified. We cannot imagine a worse experience for a family than losing a child. This is the fourth or fifth time that we have seen a friend’s daughter or son die suddenly and unexpectedly in their late teens or early twenties. Prime of life and it’s over.

I’m writing here because I have good friends who read this blog, who have been with us for a couple of years (or more) as we all work together through difficult passages. I share my deepest thoughts here, with Beth or friends,or in a 12 step meeting in the hope that saying them out loud will bring some connection during a time of chaos.

I don’t have any other words. I am just trying not to lose that hope and send love toward our friend. Please say a prayer for Melanie, if it’s your way, and let your children and others know they are loved.

We often don’t leave time to prepare for the worst.

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