A Sedona Sunday

My Sunday began, as it usually does, with Beth’s yoga class. I don’t actually practice yoga lately (a topic for another day), but I get up, set up and film her live class each Sunday morning .

Filming is an opportunity for me to do one of the things that has recently become more important to me – backstage work. I really enjoy not being the center of attention and supporting someone else. It reminds of when I played bass in a band. It’s fun to take part and collaborate, but not run the show.

After the class, we hopped on our ACA meeting and enjoyed (we’re weird) reading and discussing our character defects. It’s actually more interesting and helpful than it sounds. Step 6 in a 12-step program is asking a Higher Power to remove our defects because we can’t do so alone. Ridding oneself of perfectionism, procrastination and the like is much easier with God’s wind in your sails.

It was a rainy day, so the four of us spent the afternoon window shopping, wending our way through artsy boutiques. We tried on colorful southwestern clothes, examined exquisite photographs of the red rocks, compared our tastes for handcrafted stoneware and enjoyed a day of not trying to get anywhere or achieve anything. That’s a good part of vacationing.

Sometimes, the Adventure requires a day off to recharge before moving on. Tomorrow and Wednesday are more substantial exploration days, so I think we will appreciate the rest.

Stay tuned.

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