Itinerary Ups and Downs

Minutes ago, we booked our first RV site in Savannah, GA. Our plan is to arrive in early February and stay for about one month before pushing off to Asheville, NC (March) and then Nashville, TN (April). Savannah will be our southernmost stop and then we’ll be working our way north as the weather gets progressively warmer.

I also just heard back from a place in North Carolina, a campsite that was built into a hill and featured gorgeous views of the Smokey Mountains. Unfortunately, their monthly rate was much higher than we’re willing to spend, so I had to say, “no thank you.”

I’m sure that there will be days when the arrow lands in the center of the target and we will shout “hooray” because we succeeded in getting what we want. Other days, the arrow will miss entirely and we might feel disappointed or angry that we didn’t get what we want. In both cases, the feeling fills the body and then passes away. Such is life.

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