Man, Woman, Dog

Bradley, Age 13

We’ve been watching a show on Disney called “Man, Woman, Dog” which I recommend to anyone who loves dogs (like me).

Brad will be joining us on our adventure. He’s a great traveling companion, always eager to jump into the car and see and smell a new location. If he knew about the trip and could talk, I’m certain he’d say, “Ahhh. I’m so looking forward to the smells!”

Like a lot of people, I cannot imagine life without a dog. When I was a boy, I used to lie down next to my dog Clancy, our heads next to one another. I liked to place my hand on him and feel the beat of his heart or watch his black nose as he breathed in and out. I found it very relaxing and his presence was so important when I felt sad or lonely.

A dog was a way for a young boy and a young man to feel secure, loved and important to another being.

As I move into the unknown, having my wife, dog and our camper with me will no doubt provide a sense of safety. Despite what you may think, I am afraid to travel to new places where I know no one, have no idea where to eat or sleep. So, in this moment I’m very grateful to Bradley. He’s my friend and I look forward to sharing this adventure with him!

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