The Hero’s Journey

Since conceiving this adventure, my mind and body have been waking me up every night. Typically, I’m up around 3am for an hour or two. Last night, though, I was up from 1am until 5am.

Often, I’ll read. I’ve been moving through novels by John Grisham and others like him. Sometimes, I like to think about the trip and last night was no different. After reading a book called The Terminal List for an hour or two, I started working on marketing strategies. I then wrote some emails and started contacting potential clients at 2:45am. Wow.

It’s a healthy challenge we entrepreneurs face in the gig economy. What’s  new is building it from scratch in new areas. Again, the challenge is there for me.

I believe that my sleepless nights are connected to my waking up my inner warrior. It’s also no coincidence that the novels I’ve been reading in 2021 have all been about guys who are struggling, too – heroes who need to marshal their warrior-selves to defeat a foe.

So, my adventure can also be viewed as a heroic journey and crossing the threshold into the unknown. That’s the step I’m about to take.

I love this.

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