What’s the Plan, Scotty?

Savannah in February

When we push off from Yorktown Heights in our truck, we’ll be driving south. It will probably take us a week to reach our first stop – Savannah, Georgia –  where it’s currently 70-80 degrees! As I write this, our intention is to find a campground where we can stay for 3-4 weeks. I can’t wait to change back into shorts and a t-shirt.
Logistical Note for the Comfort Concerned: our camper has a furnace and an air conditioner, but it’s our preference to use neither if we don’t have to. As a result, we’ll likely be “snowbirds” – folks who follow the temperate weather. 

How Are You Gonna Make Money?

The first quarter of 2022 will largely be spent adapting Beth’s yoga business to our RV lifestyle. Her yoga is now the foundation of our steady income.
Beth has been teaching Gentle Kripalu Yoga for 17 years. The last two have been exclusively virtual. You can learn more about her online classes at bethbierko.com.
Our other existing businesses are children’s music, our work with the John Lennon Real Love Project, and my return to playing out as a singer-songwriter.
The children’s music thing, our career of nearly 30 years, has long been the backbone of our income. It allowed us to live what we call a hybrid existence of being artists and homeowners.  That all changed, however,  when the pandemic hit and exacerbated the decline in Arts Education in public schools. Truly, it affected our economic stability. We realized that we had to face the truth – we could not remain homeowners in Westchester, NY without full-time anxiety (Beth) or denial (Scott). Luckily, we came to a mutual understanding and began exploring Beth and Scott’s Adventure.
Of course, the pandemic has been horrible for the economy, healthcare, and the education of our youth  – it has given a lot of us “permission” to consider alternatives.

And Then…

Georgia, Tennessee, North and South Carolina are the stops we’re considering during the winter and early spring. After that, I think we’ll be back in New York in May/June. Then, we’ll hit New England for the summer and early fall. Stay tuned for updates!

I’d Love to Hear From You

This space is an interactive one, if you choose it to be. Feel free to chime-in with your questions and thoughts about anything!

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