First to Go

Today we are dropping Steph, Weston and Tex off in Newburgh where they’ll catch a ride to Philadelphia. Once there, the traveling trio will hop a freight train to Florida. Yes, they have a banjo and roll their own cigarettes.

As Steph was leaving our house, she walked around the interior for the last time, knowing it was goodbye for her. Steph is the first among us to separate from the home we’ve shared for 17 years. In less than one month, Helen, Beth and I will do the same.

It’s just a building but it’s been our refuge from many storms, weather-related and emotional. This old house saw many songs and shows created for our business and many parties (hootenannies) where 20-40 people sang with joy. It’s the place where we fought, cried and loved. And it’s the place where we worried, hoped and prayed.

So many yoga classes were taught here and so many people were helped by Beth during the pandemic. Her work was/is a ministry for so many.

It’s too early to say goodbye, but I’m getting ready.

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