When your life becomes a mobile one, one of the realities is that you will be waiting. Sometimes it’s traffic or checking in to a new campsite. And sometimes, it’s a repair shop. Today, I’m sitting in an RV center in Peekskill, NY for some needed adjustments and it’s gonna be awhile before I can move from here.

A yoga instructor once suggested that waiting can be a time to breathe or meditate. Since the time I heard that, I’ve been practicing it when online at a grocery store where waiting is a given. All I have to do is let my shoulders, jaw and back release and just accept – I’m waiting and it’s okay.

If I think of all the other things I could be doing, then I feel stuck, frustrated or angry. “How dare they inconvenience ME!”

It’s much healthier to think, “the world doesn’t move at my pace, so I’m going to let go and just relax.” Even as I write this, my breath has slowed and my outlook is changing. I’m here. I’m alive. And all will be well.


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