Home for Stuff

Yesterday, I put in a full day organizing our stuff for the estate sale (1/22) and will do so again for some days to come. I know that cleaning up is part of selling a home and preparing for our adventure, but it is most certainly my least favorite part.

If you haven’t started decluttering, begin now.

To make it easier for buyers to see what’s for sale, I decided to rent our storage container and begin filling it up as soon as this cold snap breaks in New York. Brrrrrrr! I found a 10′ x 15′, climate-controlled facility and got it for a reasonable price. Our agreement with ourselves is to limit our storage to six months, but I can see that extending to one year. After that, it’s getting moved into a more permanent home/apartment or… bye-bye stuff.

Thanks to our friend, Estelle, we’ve set up an appointment for Green Drop to visit our home on January 27th to take away all of the small items that don’t sell. They will be donating it to the American Red Cross. I’ve also set up a bulk pickup with our town for the same day, so that will take care of the waste and any furniture that we can’t giveaway.

My old friend, Jeff Marx, offered me a great maxim last night. I think it’s perfect for me and other consumer-trained Americans who want to change their habits.

Don’t add. Subtract, instead. 

Don’t complicate. Simplify, instead.

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