Mike Woodrow, Bill Corwin and Scott Bierko
Do you have any friends that you’ve known for more than 55 years? I do. My buddies, Bill Corwin and Mike Woodrow have been with me since Ridge Street Nursery School and Ridge Street Elementary School in Rye Brook, NY. We went to high school together and we’ve never lost touch or stopped supporting one another even when distance or family and career may have gotten in the way. These guys were groomsmen at my wedding and they are big fans of me, just as I am of them.
Last night, we had dinner in Port Chester, NY to celebrate our all turning 60 this year and the fact that I’m leaving on this life-changing journey. As usual, we all checked in on our kids, parents, jobs and had a lot of laughs in the process. We have lots of stories to draw from, so I always have a ball walking down memory lane with these guys.
More importantly, though, I love these men because we bring out our best qualities in one another, ones I believe we got from loving parents, great teachers and amazing coaches. Having grown up in the 60s and 70s, we were a generation that experienced the best that America had to offer, long before our political system became what it is today. Back then, it was a community raising children. Teachers were respected (sometimes feared) and we learned how to play by the rules and work hard. I’m not so sure that this is the case today.
Of course, Bill and Mike wanted to know everything about our adventure and they left saying things like, “This is wonderful. I’m so proud of you and Beth. Let me know if you need anything.” What more can you ask from a friend? Read on…
We did talk about aging and the fact that one day we will have to say goodbye to one another in a way that will be very painful. My sense is that these relationships will be a comfort to our wives and children when the inevitable happens. It makes me feel wonderfully safe that should I die first, my wife will be able to trust these men to be at her side. I believe that they know that their wives and children can expect the same from me.

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