Today, we traveled to Bluffton and Beaufort, two South Carolina cities that were recommended to us as possible places to live. Of the two, we enjoyed Bluffton more. It was vibrant with two distinct downtowns. 

The first one is modern, typical of new construction that invites one to shop and stroll, dine and shop some more. It’s very well-manicured and clean. But it was pretty quiet.

The old downtown, by comparison, was bustling with activity. It was market day, so the town center was filled with people buying produce or eating lunch provided by the paella, chicken, sausage or pasta vendors. 

The old section also featured an artist’s walk with galleries and pottery and fine art classes going on. I found it charming without being too dear. It felt authentic.

We had a series of interesting conversations., too.

The first was with Cynthia, a CBD and THC vendor, who sold all manner of gummies, sublingual liquids and more. She was a nurse for many years, but she discovered she was interested in pain management and owning her own business when Hurricane Matthew hit here many years ago. 


During the evacuation, Cynthia saw that many people who had to go out of state for shelter were unable to fulfill prescriptions. Seeing that, she saw both a need and a business opportunity.

Our second conversation was with two men who approached us while we were eating lunch in the park. They offered us two waters which we grateful accepted. Then they started to engage us with questions about our faith. Clearly, they were evangelicals on a mission to save us. We enjoyed a 10 minute conversation that went very deep, very fast on matters of Heaven, Hell and the Word. 

I enjoyed the dialogue- even though they had a clear agenda – because I like to talk with people. My favorite moment was when Beth held forth on the power of the divine feminine. I’m sure that gave them something to ponder! I thanked them for being peaceful, kind, and respectful and we all shook hands and parted friends.

Our next conversation was with a gentleman who represented the USO. He occupied a chair next to a restored Ford Fairlane (1950s?). What a nice guy. He wasn’t pushy or looking for money. He just wanted to tell us about his car, what the USO was about and to ask us to think about our troops and even pray for them, if that was in our wheelhouse. He gave us a USO sticker and gave a tiny plug for donating online. Again, we shook hands and parted with smiles.

My last conversation was when we arrived back at our truck. A man was seated in front of a Ben & Jerry’s store delightfully enjoying his ice cream cone. Feeling playful, I asked “Can I have a lick?”

Without waiting a beat, he extended the cone towards me and twanged out, “You sure can!”

We laughed and I said, “Now, what if I really did take a lick?”

Again, without a beat he said, “Then we would have had to share this rascal cause I love it too much to give it up.”

Beth, his family and I all shared a big belly laugh. That made my day

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