Itinerary for February – March

We have decided to leave Savannah, GA on February 27 which will make it three weeks in this lovely location. I’m sure there will be some sad feelings and a bit of separation anxiety, but we’ll be ready for the adventure to move on after a few more days like today (82 degrees and sunny).

We’re still planning on staying outside of Asheville, North Carolina for the month of March. Before we get there, however, we’ve booked two-night stays in 3 locations:

1. Lexington, South Carolina (just west of the capital, Columbia)

Lexington, SC

2. Athens, Georgia (college town and home to some great music)

Athens, GA

3. Roebuck, South Carolina (near Spartanburg and Greenville, SC) – wonderful towns to check out for “liveability”

Greenville, SC
Spartanburg, SC

Our good friend, Kevin B., spent an hour or so on the phone with us a couple of weeks ago giving us suggestions, so the above list is inspired by some of his ideas.

Before we leave the area, however, we want to spend one more day on Tybee Island, SC and check out the towns of Bluffton and Beaufort, SC.

Today, we’re dog-sitting for a friend and he’s barking for me. Bye for now!

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