The Real Victory

This week’s big problem MAY be next week’s big victory. 

Or not.

It may turn out that this week’s big problem does not lend itself to a quick solution.

Enter stress (which is really fear with stress as its symptom).

We know it’s fear because we want to flee, fight, freeze or faint. And those four horsemen may lead us to distractions or addictions.

But something else is knocking at the door, too. When a solution isn’t immediate, there exists an opportunity to gain something more important by far than completing the task at hand. 

Instead of a quick victory, we can develop patience and perseverance. 


The trick is to breathe into the fear. Let it fill us instead of running or fighting, freezing or fainting. And if any of those things happen, return to the breath. Again, again and again. This is called MINDFULNESS – accepting what is and allowing it to happen without any judgment. This may take an hour or it might take an entire day.

When we breathe mindfully, our central nervous system eventually returns to normal. We can think straight. 

And this is how we develop patience and perseverance. We see that the big problem isn’t a tiger on a rock or a piano falling from a crane. It’s just another challenge like hundreds we’ve faced before. 

This is the real victory.

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