Do You Believe in Magic?

One of the Adventure’s tenets is to allow and accept God’s plan for us. I cannot tell you how many times we have tried to overstep and fouled it all up. There is no greater slap in the face than when the universe’s energy will not bend to my will. Ha!

Understand, I am not a bible-thumping churchgoer or an avid New Ager. I look with skepticism at a worldview that is entirely based upon magic. However, I have come to respect and work with forces I do not understand. I have also, as stated in a previous post, come to recognize how very unsuccessful I have been when I seek full control of Battlestar Bierko.

There is no getting past the fact that spirituality, a belief in something greater than ourselves, allows most of us to fully mature.

I can hear the Atheists and science lovers groaning. This post ain’t for you and I don’t give a whoop-de-doo what you believe. That’s for your blog.

In this man’s heart, the world is at least half-magical. Love, undefined by even the greatest of poets and songwriters, still attracts us like a magnet. And that’s what magic really is to me – good old-fashioned, hug me, help me, care about the other guy love. And when that power, that magic, that belief is woven into my words and actions, songs and smiles, the world responds. The runway lights come on and I can feel it in my bones!

The Adventure is a path that leads to somewhere over the rainbow. I won’t see it, hear it or know it until it’s here. But I am searching the sky for it and I know that when it comes it won’t be my doing. It will just arrive right over my head.

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