Gettin’ Social

40’ Big Country RV

Yesterday, I made a friend. Her name is Deb H. and she’s a full-time traveler. As she moves around, she sees clients as a family constellation therapist. She’s also one heck of a storyteller and a great creative who has written and performed a one-woman show.

Beth was teaching and Deb was between clients, so we met while walking our dogs. A great conversation ensued. It only took one question – how did you get the guts to travel alone? And I heard a condensed version of her amazing life story. I also learned that 1/3 of full time travelers are single women!

During Beth’s yoga class, Deb popped in with 2 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. She had purchased $130 worth from a girl who is trying to find a trip to Europe. She bought all of her cookies and gave them out throughout the campground!

Later, Beth and I met a highly entertaining couple from Smyrna, TN who had purchased a 40’ 5th wheel trailer in January. Henry and Paula are living here at the campground until they buy a piece of land. Then, they’ll find a truck to haul it over. He’s 46 and owning this trailer is his life’s dream,

I asked Paula, “what do you love best about your new home?”

Without missing a beat, she replied, “Twenty-six cabinets. I just love all the room!”

Beth and I were scheduled to spend the day doing finances (and we’ll do some more after dinner), but the real success today was being social. After 2 years of being stuck inside, it sure felt good to laugh and be around people.

Henry invited us all to a Super Bowl BBQ tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes.


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