Do you like to know what’s next? I do.

I like to know that when I wake up, I’m going to go through my morning routine and then get to work. After putting in a day of whatever needs doing, I like to chillax alone or with friends and drift off to sleep with a good book by 10pm. It’s a simple life and I’ve designed many years around that system.
Camping or RVing – especially while working – is different. In addition to householder chores, we’ve got computers and finances and zoom calls, etc. This is all well and good if you have a 37 foot camper with multiple sliders and top notch internet. Beth and I are doing it in a 22’ tin can where we have to make an appointment to cross in front of one another. And don’t get me started on the internet…
So, this week we’re learning to dance around inside and outside the space with a dog! Instead of loading dishes into a dishwasher,  I’ve grown accustomed that in order to get the dish rack out, I have to move the coffee maker, ask the dog to scoot, open a cabinet and carefully pull out the rack without knocking over the set of bowls next to it. Then I have to wash the dishes and do it all in reverse. At first, this is a pain in the A_ _, but it quickly becomes the new routine.
The internet is an evolving issue. I just learned (five minutes ago) that our installer did not know how to set it up properly. He told me he was an electronics expert and proficient at Ham Radio. Looking back, that last piece of information might have colored my opinion of his 21st century bona fides to install our system. Sigh.
Of course, internet service is NEVER going to be as dependable in a camper as it is in a home. And taking a shower in a midget-sized stall is going to require some contortions not required in a house. Yes, my spine is still getting used to bathing while twisted in a disco pose. It’s a trip!
If you can’t tell, my sense of humor is returning. I’m bouncing back. I’m even considering doing a little busking in town – singing for tips. I’ve gotta get back to exercise and meditation and performing. It’s what makes me feel alive.
So, yeah. I like to know what’s next. And looking forward to it is a helluva lot better than dreading it.

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