Living on a Prayer

I’m feeling much better, today, after a really rough 48 hours. In 12-step programs, it’s referred to as “hitting bottom”. Luckily, I have what’s called a high bottom, meaning that I don’t have to get too low before I bounce back. (My father had a low bottom and he lost everything but his life due to his disease.)

Beth was very patient with me as I went through my “everything is broken” phase. From 6am-9am, we were able to move from that sense of brokenness to something like healing. And as I came up for air, I realized that what I’m experiencing may benefit others through my songwriting or some other modality. In other words, my pain will have a purpose. I’m curious what that will be.

For those who thought Beth and Scott’s Adventure was going to be pleasant photos or takes if museum visits, I guess you can see that my adventure – at least this part – is an inward one.

And after 2 years of enduring the pandemic + selling our home, I have every right to lose my way for a couple of days. My hope is that the next part is easier to experience and easier to write. But who knows? God laughs when I think I’m in control!

This afternoon, we drove into the city of Savannah. Wow! I’ve never been to a city with so many parks. The emphasis here includes touristy stuff (trolleys and horse drawn carriages), but it’s really a slow-moving place, full of people ambling, not rushing. The temperature was 70 degrees, so I think we enjoyed Savannah at an ideal time. Summers here are hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk.

Bradley was oohed and aahed over all day. People stopped to pet him, ask questions and then talk about their own dogs. One young man, a new pet owner, asked us if we had other dogs before Brad. He wanted advice on how to lose a beloved pet. He was very sincere, anticipating his future pain and wanting to know how he might address it.

Evidently, we all have our pain points. My hope is that I was there for him in some small measure. It’s what makes this world worth living for me.

I’ll close by thanking our friends Carol and Bill V. who reached out to me after yesterday’s post. They reminded me that in times of trouble, we need to ask our Higher Power to step in. In my case, my prayer was answered by Beth.

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