How to Get to Washington, D.C. – A Play in Ten Lines

We had a great time at the Bluffton, SC farmers’ market yesterday. Beautiful breads, produce, flowers, and more for sale as well as  paella, ham and cheese croissants and roasted chicken as options for lunch. Plus, some of the best and richest homemade dessert we’ve had the whole trip.

Best of all, a conversation Scott forgot to mention with middle schoolers selling hand crafted seashell items and taking general donations to help them get to Washington, D.C.
Beth: So, you why are you going to Washington?
Student 1: To have fun and stuff (young teacher behind them cringes and blushes)
Student 2: It’s an educational field trip for us
Student1: And we wanna have a good time ‘cause you know, all work and no play makes you a dull person”. (Teacher’s head falls into her hands, shaking slowly back and forth.)
Scott: My wife has ten dollars in her hand. If you can name four presidents, we’ll donate it.
Student 1: George Washington
Student 3: Look at the money (he goes to the till) Yeah, Washington, Alexander Ha…
Student 3: No, no he’s not…
Student 2: We got… Jackson
Student 4: Donald Trump…. And Obama.
And the $10 bucks was theirs.
Young middle school teacher, still blushing, but now smiling and mouthing a big thank you.

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