Columbia, SC

The capital of South Carolina, home to the University by the same name, is a pleasant city. It reminds us of White Plains, New York – but so do many of the mid-sized cities we’ve seen on this trip.

A city of this size reminds me of Goldilocks’ perfect chow, chair or bed – neither too big nor too small. These cities have a little of everything: culture, parks, eateries and shopping.

The benefit for us is that there are residents aplenty for our businesses. We need yoga students, performing venues and schools.

A mid-sized city – especially one with a university – is big enough to have communities within it, too: bands of musicians, groups of yoginis and lots of educators. And, yet, there aren’t too many of these so as to make us feel insignificant.

Tomorrow, we head to Athens, Georgia –  another college town.

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