Oh, So Beautiful

We just setup in the nicest campground I’ve ever seen in Bishop, GA. It’s called Pine Lake Campgrounds.

We’ll definitely take some more photos to share with ya’ll. Yes, you cannot help but say “ya’ll” when south of Maryland. And as our daughter, Helen, says, “it’s really a perfect word and so much better than ‘you’. It’s also singular and plural!”

Beth is really excited for her yoga classes tomorrow because our site has a beautiful view of a pond through the trees. Yes!

The man who greeted us made sure we backed our trailer in just right to get the ideal view of the pond (instead of other rv’s). Gotta love that service. He’s a big Georgia Bulldogs fan and we’re about 10 miles away from the stadium where they play

The last half of the trip from Lexington, SC to here was full of horse and cow farms in both sides of the single lane road. It’s so much more relaxing than the thruways – especially the big interstates with trucks aplenty.

Tomorrow, we’d head into Athens and check out the University and the town. I’m excited to see it having wondered about it since the 90s when I listened to a lot of REM.

More soon!

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