The Final Good Bye (Beth’s Post)

The Final Good Bye

There was exhaustion, lost in it
Barely able to think straight
To function
Bone-weary tired like never before
Some combination of lousy sleep
Manual labor, mental fatigue
And bereavement

There was stuff, so much of it
After months of clearing out and cleaning up
Hauling off
Selling, donating, delivering, giving away
The broom, the scrub brush,
A left over shirt shoved to the side
In the closet
t-shirts on the shelf above
The last bits to gather,
Only to disperse once again
Storage, garbage, camper

There were tears, lots of them
In grief and gratitude
For what had been and what would never be

There were memories, a flood of them
Of who had come and gone through these doors
Laughed and sung and shared a bit of life with us
Among the trees and the mountain vistas
The parties, the holiday gatherings
The fights
The songs, sung and written
The reunions and goodbyes

There was cleaning, for all of them
The family before, my family of four,
the family who would now call this home
Like lovingly bathing the corpse of a loved one
Attention I’d not always made time for
While living here, but now,
Tending tenderly in this final goodbye


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