Sea Boil

The USS Bierko, the name I chose for our truck and camper combo (and our WiFi address), has landed in the south!
At 12 noon, we departed Bryn Mawr after Beth taught her chair yoga class and arrived in Alexandria, Virginia around 5:30pm. Despite dire predictions about the weather and Friday afternoon  D.C. traffic, we made it here without much incident.
Well, there was this one moment in Maryland. I pulled over to give Beth a turn at the wheel and we got trapped between a parked F150 and a Home Depot. Sometimes it’s possible to get confused when one is trying to navigate a battleship. There was a classic marital moment where she was screaming and I was cursing and the man in the F150 was trying to escape without us bumping his truck. Just normal traveling stuff!
The highlight of the day, though, was a seafood feast in our hotel room. It was our first ever Cajun seafood boil with crab legs, shrimp, potatoes, corn on the cob and hush puppies on the side. Luckily, they gave us bibs because this was a very messy, totally outrageous tasting, Southern-style gastronomic experience. It was physical eating unlike anything we New Yorkers know. Wow.
Ironically, the hotel and the Sea Boil restaurant across from it are located in a heavily-trafficked part of Alexandria that reminds me of all the worst commercial areas in the northeast. Chain stores, fast food eateries Gas stations and Adult Bookstores are everywhere. It’s my least favorite type of American boulevard. It makes me want to write a song called “Ugly Street” about these parts of our country where no trees exist and the only smell is gas from the cars and oil from the friers. Ugh.
But in the midst of all that is our little motel with a warm heater, a coy bed and a fantastic seafood restaurant across the street. Sometimes, you gotta be grateful for the little stuff.


  1. 42Stone

    They paved paradise and put u a parking lot. Your parking lot screaming cracked me up. What is it about those moments. Ha. Continue on.

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